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Turkey: New law allows radio and television regulator to monitor and demand blocking of content broadcasted online

March 28, 2018

On March 28, 2018, an amendment to Turkey's radio and television legislation entered into force, enabling the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTUK) to monitor radio, television and on-demand broadcast content on the Internet, and to address complaints to a magistrate judge to block access to...

Turkey Blocks Facebook, Twitter and YouTube over Images of Public Prosecutor Held Hostage

April 6, 2015

Today, a court in Istanbul ordered the ban of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube over the publication of the picture of a public prosecutor held hostage by extreme-Left militants. The blocking order on Twitter and Facebook was lifted after the social media sites complied with the request of removal. The...

Intermediary Liability Updates from Turkey: Forcing Online Intermediaries to Create a Website Blocking-Friendly Infrastructure

January 28, 2015

Turkish governmental control of web traffic is on the rise. Recently, the Information Technology and Communications Authority (the "ITC Authority") updated the Authorization Regulation in the Electronic Communications Sector (“Authorization Regulation”) and the Administrative Sanctions Regulation...

Turkish Constitutional Court Says that Twitter’s Ban Violates Freedom of Expression

April 2, 2014

We have recently reported on the ban of Twitter and Youtube by the Turkish Presidency of Telecommunications and Communication (TIB). The Turkish Constitutional Court has unanimously decided today that TIB's blocking of Twitter is unlawful and should be lifted as it violates freedom of expression and...

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