Constitutional Law Against Hatred, for Tolerance and Peaceful Coexistence

ANC, 2017. Ley constitucional contra el odio, por la convivencia pacífica y la tolerancia, Official Gazette No.41.271
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Luiz Fernando
Marrey Moncau

On November 8, the National Constituent Assembly (NCA) promulgated the Constitutional Law Against Hatred, for Tolerance and Peaceful Coexistence which establishes prison sentences of between ten to twenty years for those who incite hatred or violence through any electronic means, including social networks (article 20).

The Law also establishes that intermediaries that do not remove within 6 hours from its dissemination (article 22) the messages containing war propaganda or promoting different kinds of hate speech - national, racial, religious, political or hate speech of any other kind ("mensajes que constituyan propaganda a favor de la guerra o apología del odio nacional, racial, religioso, político o de cualquier otra naturaleza") - shall be subject to sanctions ranging from fifty thousand to one hundred thousand Tax Units. Alongside the criminal and civil liabilities, the "portals" disseminating the messages might be blocked. 

The law does not specify if there is a knowledge standard that triggers the obligation to internet intermediaries (court order, written notice, administrative request), and may even be interpreted as establishing a monitoring obligation. Article 14 establishes that social networks must adopt "adequate measures to prevent" the dissemination of hate speech of any kind. 

The law does not define what hate speech is, leaving the qualification to the Judiciary, raising concerns about chilling effects and the suppression of political speech.

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