District Court of Tel-Aviv, 49918-05-12, Amir Savir v. Google

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Court Decision
(1) The case was brought by Ami Savir against the owner of the website court.org.il and Google. Mr. Savir, an Israeli attorney was mischaracterized as having committed five acts of unethical attorney behavior when in fact he only represented the Israel Bar Association in disciplinary proceedings related to the liable attorney. Due to tags added to an original blog post from court.org.il, Google's search algorithm made it appear as if Mr. Savir, rather than the party he repesented, was the attorney who was convicted.
(2) The court reversed a magistrate’s preliminary opinion, holding court.org.il liable but not Google, and held that Google must remove search results that are clearly defamatory in nature. See also Columbia GFE
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Defamation or Personality Rights
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Court Decision
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