Federal Law #374-FZ On Amending Federal Law “On Combating Terrorism” And Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation Regarding The Establishment Of Additional Counter-Terrorism Measures And Public Security

(aka “Yarovaya Law”)
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The amendments impose a number of obligations on telecom operators and other ISPs (the law calls them “organizers of information distribution on the Internet") that are focused on data retention and creating cryptographic backdoors for FSB.  

Data retention:

  • Under the amendments, telecom operators must store all call and text message content for a period of six months, and the metadata of all calls and text messages for three years; 
  • Organizers of information distribution on the Internet must store metadata and user data for one year, and user content – for up to six months, and provide that information to law enforcement authorities at their request; 
  • All this data should be physically stored in the Russian Federation. 

Mandatory backdoors: 

  • Organizers of information distribution on the Internet must provide decryption keys at the request of FSB (Federal Security Service). 

Most of the provisions came into effect on 07/20/2016, while the parts related to the storage of user content will come into effect on 07/01/2018. 

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