Federal Law No. 425-FZ, On Amending the Article 4 of the Federal Law “On Consumer Rights Protection”, December 2, 2019

aka "Law on pre-installation with Russian software” or “Law against Google”
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The law banning the sale of certain devices that are not pre-installed with Russian software. The law will come into force in July 2020 and cover smartphones, computers and smart televisions. Proponents of the legislation say it is aimed at promoting Russian technology and making it easier for people in the country to use the gadgets they buy. But there are concerns about surveillance and fears that firms could pull out of the Russian market. The law will not mean devices from other countries cannot be sold with their normal software - but Russian "alternatives" will also have to be installed. A complete list of the gadgets affected and the Russian-made software that needs to be pre-installed will be determined by the government.

But the legislation has faced criticism from manufacturers and distributors in Russia. The Association of Trading Companies and Manufacturers of Electrical Household and Computer Equipment (RATEK) has said it will not be possible to install Russian-made software on some devices and that the international companies behind the gadgets may leave the Russian market as a result of the law.

For refusing to preinstall Russian software, sellers face a fine: for individual entrepreneurs it will be from 100 thousand to 500 thousand rubles, for legal entities - from 500 thousand to 1 million rubles.

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Consumer Protection or Harm (e.g. Fraud)
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