Law on Electronic Communications, January 01, 2008 [English version]

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(1) According to the Law on Electronic Communications (LEC), Information Service Providers (ISPs) are obliged to guarantee the confidentiality of communications by undertaking all the necessary technical and organizational measures. 
(2) The LEC provides for a data retention regime, which is only available to criminal enforcement authorities for serious crimes and computer crimes. Under Article 13(2) of LEC “the information shall not be stored for any period longer than the one that is reasonably necessary for the transmission." Public authorities may rely also on the disclosure provisions in the Code of Criminal Procedure. 
(3) ISPs are not supposed to disclose any information unless it is requested by the court, in connection to a particular civil, criminal or administrative case. Law on Electronic Commerce (LEC) does not stipulate an obligation for the ISPs to cooperate and disclose information. 
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