Law No. 598, Rules for Using Internet Communication

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Article 4 governs the “Rights and responsibilities of Internet service providers” and regulates the relations between ISPs and Internet users. (1) Internet Providers shall provide the following: (a) Internet service and qualitative work without interruption; (b) subscribers should be informed on a regular basis about the reception time of Subscribers by Internet service providers , Internet access, Internet use, service delivery guidelines , updates of the services and other types of services; (c) Clearly delivery of the terms of “Internet connection rules” and the relevant prices of "tariff for Internet services” preyskurats to the subscribers at the place of reception of citizens. (g) To remove all the dissatisfactions belonging to providers within 1 day at the request of consumers; (d) To set up their activities based on the special permit (license) of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies. (2) Internet service providers may suspend the provision of Internet service without the consent of the subscribers in the following cases: (a) in the case of activities contrary to the rules established by the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic and the Law on Telecommunications, . . .  (3) To ensure the exchange of domestic Internet, Internet Providers shall connect to the National İnternet Network on the basis of directives and regulations of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. . . . .
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Consumer Protection or Harm (e.g. Fraud)
Telecommunication (Includes Net Neutrality)
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Internet Access Provider (Including Mobile)
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