Protodikeio Athinon [Athens Court of First Instance], Decision 4658/2012

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Court Decision
(1) The court ordered a temporary injunction against Greek ISPs in order to block access to certain websites that were thought to illegally contain or distribute copyrighted content on a large scale.
(2) The court took care to mention that forcing the ISPs to filter data in order to prevent copyright infringement, restricting communication technologies such as p2p file exchange methods, and blocking entire websites when only certain web pages contained infringing content was disproportionate and against the Greek Constitution and European law but decided to order the blocking of the websites in question on the more questionable grounds of equating hyper-linking towards copies of copyrighted works with hosting such copies (the blocked websites contained hyper-links towards files of copyrighted works hosted on known international file-sharing websites).
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Court Decision
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