Séptimo Tribunal Colegiado de Circuito del Centro Auxiliar de la Primera Región, Amparo en Revisión 72/2012, August, 2016.

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Court Decision
After the Mexican National Institute for the Access to Information (INAI) recognized a "right to be forgotten" in the administrative procedure PPD.0094/2015 (see below), ordering Google Mexico to delist specific URLs, one of the publishers that had their content delisted brought the case to the Mexican courts. In second instance, the court affirmed that the INAI decision affected the ability of the publisher to disseminate information and that the publisher should have been heard in the administrative procedure. The court struck down the decision of INAI and determined that the publisher should be included in the procedure. For more information, see R3D website (in Spanish).
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Privacy or Data Protection
Right to Be Forgotten
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Court Decision
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Appellate Domestic Court
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Host (Including Social Networks)
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