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Internet & Jurisdiction's April in Retrospect: Blocks in Turkey, Russia and Iran, Hate Speech Bill in Debate in Germany, and More.

May 8, 2017
The April 2017 edition of Retrospect is now available.
This edition brings news about blocks in Turkey, Russia and Iran, developments of a legislative effort to tackle hate speech in Germany, protests agains the extraterritorial application of requests to be de-indexed in France, and more.
Retrospect is the flagship, open-access publication of the Internet & Jurisdiction policy network, documenting policy developments, judicial decisions, international agreements, and other cases that reflect jurisdictional tensions on the cross-border internet. Retrospect offers policymakers and other stakeholders a unique tool to monitor emerging trends, stimulate discussions, and ensure that debates are grounded in empirical evidence.
Each month, concise summaries of most influential cases from around the world are crowd-ranked by the I&J Observatory, a group of leading academic experts, and the top 20 cases are added to the I&J Retrospect Database. The database is the culmination of a diligent process of monitoring, documenting, and synthesizing policy developments that the I&J Secretariat has carried out since 2012.
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