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Indonesia finalizes new takedown rules for social media companies

May 30, 2022

By June, Indonesia's finance and communications ministries are expected to finalize new rules permitting the government to fine and criminally charge social media companies. These rules follow the November 2020 Ministerial Regulation 5, issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kominfo), that requires such companies to remove content within four hours of an “urgent” government request (e.g., content related to terrorism, child pornography, etc.) and within 24 hours for other government requests. The anticipated rules will likely include fines per item of content, with fines increasing the longer the content stays up on the platform after receipt of the takedown request. Fines are also likely to relate to the size fo the company (by users) and the severity of the content. If a platform repeatedly fails to comply, it may be blocked in Indonesia and its staff could face criminal sanctions. From Reuters and The Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Topic, claim, or defense
General or Non-Specified
Child Protection (Includes Child Pornography)
Dangerous Speech/Violent Extremism