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International Law and Jurisdiction
Media and Internet Regulation
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Assistant Researcher
Shanghai Jiaotong University
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Jie Wang (1985) is currently an assistant researcher at Koguan Law School, Shanghai Jiaotong University. His research focuses on Intellectual Property Law, particularly on copyright law, and also covers European Law and Comparative law. In Oct. 2016, he finished his PhD research and received this doctor degree from Maastricht University, Netherlands. In 2012, he successfully acquired scholarship from Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, and had done study there for 14 months as a guest researcher. So far, he has been invited to attend and present at the conferences held in the US, UK, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Hongkong and Macau. 8 of his articles have been published on Journals, including some renowned Journals in IP field, such as International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition, European Intellectual Property Review and Intellectual Property (Chinese).


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