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Miguel Morachimo

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Copyright and Intellectual Property
Cybersecurity and Cybercrime
Freedom of Expression
Media and Internet Regulation
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Executive Director
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Miguel Morachimo is a lawyer from Peru. He holds a Law Degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and an LL.M. in Law, Science and Technology from Stanford Law School. He currently works at the nonprofit Hiperderecho, a Peruvian civil organization devoted to facilitating public understanding, research, promotion, and observance of human rights and freedoms in the digital world. His work has been featured in all major news outlets in Peru and he has participated in congressional hearings and several major international conferences. His previous work experience includes law firms, in-house counseling at a large telecommunications company and local government.


Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers to Member States on the Protection of Human Rights with Regard to Social Networking Services

Recommendation CM/Rec(2012)4 - Council of Europe

In this document, the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers highlights the public service value of social media and social networking sites, as...
Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers to Member States on a “Guide to Human Rights for Internet Users”

Recommendation CM/Rec(2014)6 - Council of Europe

This Recommendation focuses on how European countries should perform their obligations to protect citizens’ human rights and fundamental freedoms on...