De Priete Yamila Daiana c/ Google Inc. y otro s/ medidas cautelares

Cámara de Apelaciones en lo Civil, Sala H, [National Civil Court of Appeals] - Incidente civil, Expte. N° 22595/2015, February, 2016
Document type
Court Decision

The plaintiff requested the blocking of any link to web sites in which photographs obtained from her Facebook account were published. This request was related to the news regarding the death of Alberto Nisman, an Argentine prosecutor. The Court rejected the request. First, according to the Court, the "highest disclosure of public information" principle prevailed as it was a case of public interest. There was a general interest to have access to this information. Second, the Court stated that Facebook's main objective consisted in sharing images and events. Consequently, limits to privacy had to be cautiously determined, especially when images relate to a case of public interest.

Topic, claim, or defense
Privacy or Data Protection
Freedom of Expression
Document type
Court Decision
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Appellate Domestic Court
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Host (Including Social Networks)
Search Engine or Index
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Procedural Protections for Users and Publishers
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Block or Remove
Monitor or Filter
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Negligence Liability
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