Omnibus Bill, No. 524 (first introduced on June 26, 2013), Amending Provisions in Various Laws and Decrees including Law No. 5651 “Regulation of Publications on the Internet and Suppression of Crimes Committed by means of Such Publications”, Law No. 5809 “Electronic Communications Law” and others.

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(1) 19 articles of the Omnibus Bill amend Law No. 5651. These amendments place the Internet service and access providers under the obligation of (i) establishing, within 3 months from the enactment of the omnibus bill, a “Union” with headquarters in Ankara that will be under the control of the Presidency of Telecommunications and Communication (TIB), whose members will be the sole entities entiled to obtain an "activity cerificate" and, therefore, provide Internet access and services in Turkey; (ii) writing the by-law of the Union that must be approved by TIB: (iii) paying administrative penalties if the establishment of the Union will not happen within the prescribed deadline, (iv) keeping the access logs for two years and provide them to TIB whenever required, (v) immediately implementing the blocking orders given by TIB even without judicial decision, (vi) paying the establishment expenses, membership fees, costs required to implement blocking orders, and costs for other requirements. 
(2) Other Articles are intended to amend Law No. 5651 by (i) adding a new category of crimes labelled as “violation of private life” or privacy, (ii) empowering TIB to block a website or web page within 4 hours without any judicial decision, if any natural or legal person files a petition with TIB claiming that a content in a specific website violates their private life, (iii) adding “mass use providers,' including Internet Cafes and any place that supply free WiFi, such universities, hospitals, pastry shops, etc., into the legal category of access and hosting providers thus compelling them to get an “activity certificate”, (iii) enlarging the number of personnel in TIB, and in case of claims of malpractice exempting the President of TIB and President of the Communication Presidency (BTK) from investigation unless such investigation is officially approved by the Prime Minister for BTK's President and the relevant cabinet of Ministers for TIB's President
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